A Letter To My Vagina.

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Talia over this past year. I hope this isn’t the only piece she submits here. We could all learn and grow from her strength and patience. Her and I both believe that what she has to share will be therapeutic for many women. As for fruit? She says, “a meyer lemon, because they are lip puckeringly sweet – enough said.”

Dear Vagina, 

It’s me! Remember…? That fun, free, careless woman who used to go to parties, skinny dip, get on a plane on a whim and stay up all night laughing. 

I’m still here!

I’m just… different. 

I’m now guarded, pensive, and much less ‘fun’. 

The thing is… the last 6 years I lost myself (and you!) in a very destructive and abusive  relationship. 

I allowed my spirit and my body to be controlled by someone else. 
I allowed sex to be used as a bartering tool. 
I allowed my temple to be used and my body to be modified to suit someone else’s wishes. 

I am so so sorry. 

I’m sorry I forgot how strong we are, how fun we are , how fucking fabulous we are. 

One day at a time , one (maybe multiple… see I’m getting my groove back) orgasm at a time we will get there again together. 


me … Talia! ( your biggest fan ) 

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